Thursday, January 8, 2015

Embracing "The Not Perfect Hat Club"

A little while back I had a really interesting conversation with Jena Ball (@JenaiaMorane). She shared a new project that she, and her Critterkin crew were working on. The project she described is The Not Perfect Hat Club. More than a club, in the traditional sense, to me it seems more of an adoption of an attitude or a way of thinking and being. It is something that will assist both children and adults in addressing what is becoming an over-emphasis on achievement and attainment, and quite frankly the perpetuation of perfectionism. It will help individuals focus on the journey rather than the outcome, to recognize and value their talents and the talents of others, and to embrace the often uncomfortable feelings associated with challenge. 

I am excited to see this project unfold both as an educator, and as a mom. I want our children to know that learning is messy, and that while striving to do one's best is important, perfection is not. I want our children to appreciate the journey, to revel in the process, rather than limit their focus to the outcome or product. I want our children to grow up with curiosity and wonder, and to understand that creativity is within all of us, and can be expressed in a multitude of ways. As adults, I hope that this project will help us develop the courage to take risks, to try something new and to be vulnerable. Together, we are "perfectly, not perfect."

To learn more about this project, and to join The Not Perfect Hat Club check out:

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