Monday, June 29, 2015

ISTE Take 1: The Bigger Picture

So I have only been in Philadelphia for two days for the ISTE Annual Conference, and my mind is already bursting from what has been shared. There is much diversity in the kinds of sessions that are offered, the topics that are covered, the delivery or mode of presentation, etcetera. And in spite of the great diversity there are a number of common themes. Here are a few...

  1. Connected Education: Being a connected educator is a game changer. Being connected globally changes your frame of reference. Being connected exposes you to ideas, opportunities and innovative practice that you would not likely encounter otherwise.
  2. Relationships: The importance of the relationships we cultivate in our classrooms, schools, districts, and communities (online too) cannot be underestimated. Relationships are the underpinning of what we do.
  3. Reflection: Reflecting on what we do, and  why we do it is critical to our growth. Much the same as it is for our students.
  4. Question: Question everything. Challenge the status quo. Be brave. 
  5. Learn: Be open to learn. No one expects us to be experts in everything, and there is much we can learn from one another if only we remain open to it.
But, Christina I thought this was a tech conference, and you hardly talked about tech at all! That's true. The tools are awesome, they can allow for amazing things to happen, but they are just things. It's what we do with them, and why we do it that matters. That's why these 5 themes are so important!

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